Pathology Laboratory in Bareja:

This is managed by Heart Foundation & Research Institute and Nitin Cheritable Trust. Pathology laboratory is one of the basic requirements for any hospital and for any kind of treatment or surgical intervention, which was lacking at the hospital run by Blind People's Association at Bareja.

The patients who undergo surgery at the hospital use to go outside even for a common sugar or urine checkup, which was costing them a lot.

Dr. Nitin Shah took the initiative and helped Blind People's Association to start a Pathology Laboratory unit at Bareja. This pathology laboratory is for persons in need, who are not able to afford for a general pathological test and keep on taking medicines without proper diagnosis.

Even this pathology laboratory is gives a very good supporting hand to the ongoing secondary level eye and ENT hospital, where every month more than 500 sight restoration and other ENT surgeries set performed after all the pre operative diagnosis in advance technology totally free of cost for the camp patients and with minimum cost for the affordable patients.

The tests conducted at Dr. Nitin Shah "Pathology Laboratory" are as follows:-

Hemoglobin, Total Count, Differential Count, Platelet Count, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Complete Blood Count- Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Blood Sugar, Stool Examination, Urine Routine and Micro, Blood Group, Total Protein, Albumin, C Reactive Protein, Widal, Prothrombim Time, Creatinin, Bleeding Time Clotting Time, Serum Billirubin, SGPT and S. Cholesterol, Rhumethoid Arthritis, Montuox and HbsAg, HIV, Lipid Profile, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Biopsy, T3T4TSH and other advance test are also conducted with the help of Green Cross Laboratory, Ahmedabad.

In nearby 30 Kilometer area, this is the only laboratory running with all advance equipments and with fully trained staff and pathologist.

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