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The Gujarat Cancer Society & Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute celebrates "Patang Mahotsav" every year for enjoyment of Pediatric cancer patients on the occasion of "Makar Sankranti" in the month of January at the Pediatric Centre Building of GCRI. The Heart Foundation and Research Institute participates in the "Patang Mahotsav".  The Institute distributes kites and Firkis to the Pediatric Cancer patients. The kites were prepared with beautiful slogans like "Tamaku Nu Pan, Raday Ne Motu Nukshan", "Aap Raday Ne Sachvo, Raday Aap Ne Sachavashe", "Yogasan ane Pranayam, Raday Ma Lave Josh", "Raday No Dhabkar Aej Jivan No Zanakar" to spread the messages about awareness on cancer and heart disease in the society.  The main aim of distributing the kites to the pediatric patients is to provide them enjoyment. The pediatric patients were looking happy during the program. Other organization also took part in the celebration and distributed many things to the pediatric patients.

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