Kite Festival 2016

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Heart Foundation and Research Institute (Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah, Chairman and Managing Trustee) has actively participated in the Kite Festival 2016 organized by the Gujarat Cancer Society and Sadvichar Parivar on dated 10th January 2016 at Ground of Sad Vichar Parivar, Satellite.

Heart Foundation and Research Institute has prepared kites and firkis especially for 40 cancer survivals, 40 handicapped students of Apang Manav Mandal, 40 Girls of Vicharati Jati Samuday, 40 Students of Uvarsad School for Handicapped and 40 students (Volunteers) of The H.B.Kapadia New High School with good slogans related to health awareness and awareness about cancer and tobacco, Gutakha and Pan.

The programme was started from 8:00 am and finished  with very graceful smiles on students. Heart foundation and Research Institute distributed 2000 kites and 200 firkis at Ground of Sad Vichar Parivar.


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