Golden Katar Gaurav Sainani Mega Rally and Medical Checkup Camp

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Golden Katar Gaurav Sainani Rally and Medical Camp organized & sponsored by Heart Foundation and Research Institute (Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah, Chairman) held on 22nd January, 2017, Sunday, 10:30 am to 2:00 pm at Gandhinagar Military Station.
At this Rally massive medical camp is also being organized give an embalming touch in the scarred heart and soul of our national heroes in the Army.
The following medical activities had done in this camp:
1. More than 3000 medical check up of the Army soldiers, Veer Naris, War veterans and Ex. Army personnel by the prominent specialist doctors.
2. Free diagnostics: ECG, ECHO, Pathology
3. Felicitation of Veer Naris by Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah
4. Distribution of Medicines to the required persons
5. A Small snack/meal also to be provided in people attending the camp
6. To Given financial support to Veer Naris & Widows of martyred soldiers who laid down the lives for the country.
This camp is in service of the Indian army which has served this country selflessly and laid down the lives of their soldiers to defend our mother land.

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