Annakshetra in Bareja

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Annakshetra in Bareja:

"Service to Man Kind Is Service to God"

Annakshetra is managed by Nitin Charitable Trust. The Annakshetra provides meals to the poor and deserving patients and their relatives every day. Till date many patients have taken the Benefit of "Annakshetra". The aged patients belonging to remote and slum areas of Ahmedabad, Kheda, Gandhinagar and other nearby districts, where whether communication facilities are not available and the socio-economic condition is very poor. These old people are going through cataract surgery. While there are many others who are aware about the surgery but cannot afford either the transportation nor any other running expenditure and so are unable to come for the simple surgical intervention.

The poor patients identified through outreach programmes are provided with, free of cost screening and surgical procedures but are unable to meet food expenses. Keeping this in view, the management of Blind People`s Association requested Nitin Charitable Trust to extend support in providing free food to those old and deserving who under-go vision restoring cataract surgical intervention. Realizing the Need of Humanity Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah the managing trustee and founder member of Nitin Charitable Trust agreed to provide a helping hand to run "Annakshetra" at Bareja. It is an eye hospital run by Blind People`s Association. Annakshetra Provide Breakfast with tea as well as lunch and dinner to the patients who have to stay for two days for complete pre-operative, operative, and post-operative is of high nutritional value. Annakshetra has made a great impact on the surgery acceptance rate among the cataract identified patient in the camp. All the patients who have benefited from Annakshetra are extremely grateful to Dr. Nitin for his kind support.

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