To Provide the cold mineral water to various Traffic Police booth in Ahmedabad city

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Heart Foundation and Research Institute (Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah, Chairman and Managing Trustee) is now moving forward to provide the cold mineral water to various Traffic Police Booth in Ahmedabad City in hot summer days. Idea is to create a model of humanity towards the public service providers. As a pioneer project model we will start our service with the 6 selected booths (Sola Bhagwat Cross Road, Zydus Hospital Square, Helmet Circle, Shyamal Cross Road, Shivranjani Cross Road, and Prahladnagar Cross Road) and then will cover the whole city.

We are going to provide cold mineral water at the police Booths daily during the period of 12th May, 2016 to 30th June 2016.

This will be a pioneer project which will be held in 6 Traffic police chokis of West zone, Ahmedabad City in phase 1, and then will continue it as per our further planning in other zones of the city.

We believe that police community who serves for whole city traffic should be rewarded by the public and in hot summer days water gives life. Standing whole day in hot for hours they need this kind of service.

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