Inauguration of E- Rickshaw for Person with disability for Self Employment

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People with Disabilities may get Self Employment through E-Rickshaw. First Time in Gujarat a New Initiative has been taken by Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah, Chairman and Managing Trustee, Heart Foundation and Research Institute.

Heart Foundation and Research Institute donated a solar & battery operated E - Rickshaw to Darshu Care Public Charitable Trust through the worthy hands of Hon’ble Shri O. P. Kohliji, Governor of Gujarat State on 12th December, 2016, Monday, 3:30 pm at Ahmedabad Management Association in presence of Shri Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah and Darshita Shah.

The Hon’ble Governor Shri O. P. Kohliji appreciated contribution of Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah to various his noble Social Cause. He also deserved that people should become Philanthropist like Dr. Nitin Shah.

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